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Lovage and Rhubarb Spritzers

Lovage Spritzer

We got the idea for these spritzers after a dinner at Monsoon. One of the salads featured candied lovage - and given how much lovage we have in our garden, we were curious what they were doing with it. We didn't order the salad that night - too much geoduck sashimi already - but I asked the waiter if he could snatch me a little taste so I could figure out what it was. He brought back a tiny bowl of lovage stems that had been soaked in simple syrup.

Our use of lovage has been limited to the leaves in things like stocks and roasted chickens - neither of us had ever thought to use the stems. We went home and made a simple syrup and soaked the stems in the syrup for about an hour (off the heat) and then added the syrup to a little sparkling water. It was cool and refreshing, and a nice change from Doc Brown's Cel-Ray soda!

Just because we were already in the mode, we did the same thing with a little bit of rhubarb. That didn't have as strong a flavor after it had been soaking, and I found we had to add a dash of lemon juice to the spritzer to brighten it up a bit.

Herbed Simple SyrupLovage slices in syrup

1 part sugar
1 part water
2 - 8" stems of lovage, sliced (or rhubarb)
Lemon juice (optional)

  1. Dissolve the sugar in the water and cook until clear.
  2. Add the fruit to the syrup mixture and cook for 1 - 2 minutes, and then remove from the heat.
  3. Steep the fruit in the syrup for an hour.
  4. Add a tablespoon of the syrup and fruit and a spritz of lemon juice to a glass of sparkling water and enjoy!
Lovage Spritzers on Foodista

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